Sara Gally

stationery series / ステーショナリー

PIT Air - テープのり / Package designs for glue tape

トンボ鉛筆のテープのり「PIT」が従来より軽い力で引ける「PIT Air」として登場するにあわせて、限定パッケージを2種デザインしました。軽やかな気分で使用できるようにイメージして描きました。PIT Air is a new glue tape by Tombow that has a very light touch. I designed these two limited packages to celebrate its release.
Spring / 2019

 オリジナルのステーショナリーシリーズ「裏庭へようこそ」 / My original stationary series “Welcome to the backyard garden“

I’ve been releasing my original stationary series since 2017. It’s inspired by my Grandpa’s backyard garden in Los Angeles and it makes me happy when I’m drawing while thinking of him. There are calendars, journals and cards available - some unavailable - throughout Japan.

オレンジページ 花カレンダー / Lettering work for Orangepage’s Flower Calendar

I got to do some lettering work for a long selling calendar series by Orangepage in 2019 and 2020. This work makes me especially happy because this happens to be what my mom has been using for many years in her office!